Propeller Centre | Overhaul & Repair of Aircraft propellers | Wonderboom Airport | Gauteng | Pretoria | South Africa
  • Overhauling
    We specialise in the overhauling and repair
    of all Hartzell, McCauley, Hamilton, PZL, Avia,
    Whirlwind and Sensenich propellers and parts.

    Please contact us for more information
  • Dynamic Balancing
    Dynamic propeller balancing is the process
    whereby an electronic balancing computer
    system and sensors are used to measure the
    vibration produced by the aircraft propeller
    and powerplant. Small trim balance weights
    are added to the propeller/crankshaft assembly
    to correct for errors in mass distribution and
    thus reduce the measured vibration due to
    mass imbalance to the lowest level practical.
  • Onsite Repairs World Wide
    We have traveled and worked across the globe
    in places like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Jordan,
    Dubai, Sarjha, Sudan, Tanzania, Kenia, Nigeria,
    Gabon, Angola, Mali, Uganda, Comores,
    Zanzibar and many more.
  • Training
    We provide training for future
    aircraft engineers.

    Please contact us for more information
  • Field Service Support
    We support the agricultural and firefighting
    aviation sector countrywide