Propeller Centre | Overhaul & Repair of Aircraft propellers | Wonderboom Airport | Gauteng | Pretoria | South Africa
  • Hartzell Processes
    We specialise in:

    - Cold Roll Process;
    - Composite Blade Overhaul Process;
    - Knob Shotpeen Process.
  • PropCentre's Approvals

    SA CAA;

    Our Exporter's Code: 00484473
  • Antonov Aircraft
    In 1994 — Hartzell five-bladed propellers
    formed part of the American contribution to the
    Antonov AN-38 multi-role transport. Functioning
    in conjunction with a high-wing, split tail design,
    the 2.85 m (9.3 ft.) propellers contribute to the
    aircraft's short field performance. The
    five-blade design maximizes acceleration
    and climb while providing faster
    response to pilot prop control inputs.









About Propeller Centre

Since they have been established in 1977, Propeller Centre have traded, overhauled, fitted, serviced and stil does dynamic balancing of all aircraft propellers. Propeller Centre repairs & overhauls, not only the "big three manufacturers" namely Hartzell, McCauley and Hamilton Propellers, fitted to both piston & turbine engine aircraft, but also Sensenich metal props, Hoffman, M-T propellers & PZL propellers.

Propeller Centre maintain and repair propellers across Africa and as far away as Afghanistan sending fully equipped teams to effect servicing and repair on-site. Their client base consists mainly of AMO's & fleet operators as well as prestigious corporate client base, including NAC, Execujet and Embraer Aircraft.

However, private owners are welcome to deal directly with Propeller Centre.

They keep up to date and current with everything related to propellers, and currently have three qualified engineers on board. They were joined in 2013 by
Aiden O'Mahony, an experienced prop repair man, who has brought over 30 years of experience to Prop Centre, and are now in the process of expanding their OEM approved repair capabilities.

Propeller Centre is a family business having been started by Theuns & wife, Brenda Du Toit, and has now passed to their sons Dolf and Theuns.
Mom, Brenda, remains a shareholder.

Propeller Centre is based in hangar S1 at Wonderboom Airport, where they have been based since the business was established some 36 years ago.